Loma Linda University Medical Center in California, US, has chosen Nuvon for its medical device connectivity and interoperability.

The medical centre will adopt the Nuvon Mobile Device Manager for Epic’s electronic medical records system at the operating room (OR), the intensive care unit (ICU) and the dialysis centre.

Cathleen Asch, Nuvon chief executive officer, said: "Our system delivers complete, rich, accurate real-time patient data to clinicians at any location, at all times, which enables hospitals to provide the highest level of patient care and patient safety available today and to confidently plan for easy, cost-effective connectivity for future growth and expansion."

Nuvon medical device connectivity solution is expected to provide clinicians with accurate data and flexibility, as well as meeting all stages of meaningful use compliance.

With the new technology, the medical centre will be able to offer flexible connectivity for expansions, including the addition of departments, increased bed capacity and expansions to other facility locations.

The hand-held data capture device, that contains a built-in bar code reader, can travel with medical devices for positive patient identification and care delivery, while at the same time facilitating wireless connectivity for presently unconnected devices.

The Nuvon system features a single-system management controller, that does not require add-ons with connectivity expansion and a dashboard that provides monitoring and alerts to address the issues.

Image: Nuvon Mobile Device Manager will deliver complete, accurate patient data to Loma Linda clinicians. Photo courtesy of: Persian Poet Gal.