St. Michael's Hospital

St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, has selected Amcom Software’s smartphone communications solution, Mobile Connect, to improve the quality of staff interaction and patient care.

The solution integrates with Amcom Software’s operator console and web-based on-call scheduling solutions, aiding the hospital in managing monthly calls and coordinating on-call calendars.

St. Michael’s Hospital IT infrastructure director Frank Garcea said the hospital is looking to enhance its ability to communicate in order to provide stronger patient care.

"Amcom Mobile Connect and the contact centre solutions have helped us reduce the amount of time spent tracking staff members down and allows for more efficient and accurate communications," Garcea added.

Using Mobile Connect, which encrypts all messages sent and received and provides an audit trail, physicians can acknowledge and respond to a message by means of a smartphone or tablet.

The hospital has also developed a quality control process for staff members to use when sending critical messages through Amcom Mobile Connect to ensure that accurate messages are sent each time.

Amcom Software president Chris Heim said it’s imperative for healthcare organisations to ensure physicians and others receive communications in a timely manner.

"St. Michael’s has done a tremendous job of doing just that with the combination of Amcom Mobile Connect and the internal messaging processes they’ve established," Heim added.

Image: St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto. Photo: Secondarywaltz.