The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital in Ontario, Canada, has deployed a new version of IBM WebSphere Application Server to improve the quality of patient care and manage patient flow.

The new business integration software is designed to provide patient information and hospital resource availability to the clinical staff, through a mobile device.

The Ottawa Hospital senior vice president and CIO Dale Potter said that physicians should be focused on patient care and not be tied up with lower value activity such as calling for consults or trying to negotiate admission for a patient.

"The concept behind our new system from IBM is that we are able to help our staff have one consolidated view on important data and processes, getting the right information to physicians at the right time," Potter added.

The system includes a range of new integration software applications such as business process management (BPM), operational decision management and WebSphere Cast Iron Live Web application programming interface (API) services.

The hospital can gain visibility related to the change, management and improvement in the processes with the BPM and operational decision management aids in searching, viewing and making rule changes.


Image: IBM technology is expected to improve patient care at The Ottawa Hospital. Photo: SimonP.