Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Mubadala Healthcare in Abu Dhabi, UAE, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to discuss several collaboration areas that will facilitate knowledge-sharing and improved access to care for patients in Dubai.

Under to the MoU, primary areas for collaboration relate to three of Mubadala’s facilities – Wooridul Spine Centre, Tawam Molecular Imaging Centre and National Reference Laboratory – and focus on the facilitation of patient and laboratory test referrals and knowledge exchange.

DHA Hospital Services Sector CEO Dr Mohammad Al Olama said the authority is committed to providing specialised care for patients and the MoU helps achieve that.

"The collaboration will ensure our patients have access to world-class health facilities that are available in the UAE," Olama added.

As a part of the deal, the parties are working to facilitate referrals from the DHA network to Wooridul Spine Centre for physiotherapy, medical second opinions and rehabilitation follow ups.

The MoU also considers the inclusion of the Wooridul Spine Centre and other Mubadala Healthcare facilities into the Government of Dubai Enaya network, which provides a range of medical insurance coverage.

The organisations will share and exchange technical support, medical equipment and provision of consultation facilities, where applicable.

The MOU allows patient referrals within the DHA network to Tawam Molecular Imaging Centre and the DHA will use National Reference Laboratory as an official referral lab for specialised tests.

Mubadala Healthcare executive director Suhail Mahmood Al Ansari said, "It is through partnerships and knowledge-sharing initiatives like these that we hope to improve access to our world-class facilities and reduce the need for patients to seek treatment overseas."