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UK HealthCare, which includes all University of Kentucky hospitals, 80 specialised clinics and more than 140 outreach programmes, has chosen lifeIMAGE as its medical image sharing service provider.

The healthcare system will deploy medical image sharing services from lifeIMAGE across its healthcare enterprise to improve access to the system’s broad range of subspecialised services.

The medical image sharing services will enable healthcare providers and patients to easily and securely exchange radiology and cardiology images and other vital health information from anywhere with UK HealthCare’s physicians.

lifeIMAGE will ensure all physicians can instantly receive and view valuable clinical data that is stored on a CD or at a non-networked clinic, share it with others, and also import images from CDs.

The decision to adopt lifeIMAGE’s cloud-based image transfer technology was supported by radiology, cardiology and information technology groups from UK HealthCare.

Markey Cancer Center, a part of UK HealthCare, will leverage lifeIMAGE to ensure patients anywhere can quickly and easily transfer imaging studies to its specialised clinicians.

Markey Cancer Center medical oncology division chief Dr Lowell B Anthony said that the timely arrival of scans from referring physicians improves efficiency in the multi-disciplinary care of the cancer patient.

"This translates into being best for the patients," Dr Anthony added.

UK Chandler Hospital, a Level I trauma centre, will deploy image exchange into its transfer patient workflow to review images for critically injured patients while they are still in transit to UK, and immediately start to prepare for their arrival.

This helps in curbing delays and duplication of imaging while transferring exams on CDs.

By using lifeIMAGE’s end-to-end solution, UK HealthCare’s hospitals and clinics can view, share and import images from CDs, electronically receive imaging exams from any outside users and modalities, as well as share the results of imaging tests performed at UK HealthCare with physicians and patients, anywhere.

UK HealthCare assistant hospital administrator (cardiovascular, respiratory, radiology, rehab services) Justin W Campbell said, "As an academic medical centre with a large geographical service area and a mission to partner with and support a large number of referring facilities and physicians, we have a significant need for a tool like lifeIMAGE to allow us to provide seamless support to these referring partners so that we can jointly provide optimal, timely care to our patients."

UK HealthCare includes Albert B. Chandler Hospital, UK Good Samaritan Hospital, Kentucky Children’s Hospital, Markey Cancer Center, Gill Heart Institute, Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, UK Transplant Center, UK OB/GYN, the Kentucky Clinics and more.

Image: South facade of the Albert B. Chandler Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo courtesy of J654567.