An Air Force base medical centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, has selected Xenex Healthcare Services’ xenon UV room disinfection system, a robot that is designed to eliminate bugs in hard-to-clean places, to enhance patient safety.

The Xenex disinfection device uses pulsed xenon ultraviolet (UV-C) light to disinfect a patient room, patient bathroom or operating room to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and even bacterial spores.

Designed to disinfect a room in minutes, the device is portable and operates on its own once it is set up in a room, while a motion sensor automatically shuts off the machine if someone should enter.

With Xenex, the federal medical centre can now destroy all major classes of microorganisms that cause hospital acquired infections (HAI).

Its ease of use, swiftness in cleaning and effectiveness against dangerous superbugs may help the hospital in overcoming the inadequacies posed by current chemical cleaning practices.

The Xenex device has demonstrated superior disinfection and quicker cleaning time compared with traditional cleaning methods in various studies.

"Xenex provides a clinically proven, green and cost-effective method for the disinfection of healthcare facilities."

Xenex CEO Morris Miller said that many US hospitals and Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities that use Xenex robots to disinfect patient care areas are reporting fewer hospital acquired infections.

"Xenex provides a clinically proven, green and cost-effective method for the disinfection of healthcare facilities," Miller added.

In general, treating a single MRSA infection costs around $23,000, while the Xenex UV disinfection system eliminates MRSA and other superbugs from VA patient care areas for less than $3 per room treatment cycle.

The xenon disinfection system, a pesticidal device which can be integrated into hospital cleaning operations, is designed to contribute to the creation of a safer and more effective healthcare system.

The hospital now joins dozens of VA hospitals across the country in utilising the Xenex room disinfection system.