The Mecosta County Medical Center (MCMC) in Michigan, US, has selected DigitalPersona Pro software and fingerprint readers, which will form part of its new identity and access management infrastructure.

The facility is now able to provide digital identities to their employees and with these in place, employees are able to use in-room virtual ‘follow-me’ desktops, while ensuring secure access to sensitive patient information.

Mecosta County Medical Center IT director Mike Miller said: "Fingerprint biometrics allowed us to update our identity and access management infrastructure while providing more convenience for our staff."

DigitalPersona sales vice president Mike Printz said that healthcare professionals require IT departments to implement compliance and security measures in a way that does not disrupt their practice.

"DigitalPersona Pro allows healthcare organizations, such as Mecosta County Medical Center, to update their individual login procedures without making changes to their workflow," he said.