Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, a 178-bed acute care hospital in Dover, New Hampshire, has selected PatientKeeper Charge Capture and PatientKeeper Sign-Out software to help it streamline billing and clinical workflows.

Wentworth-Douglass will deploy PatientKeeper as a hosted solution for inpatient professional charge capture, initially by hospitalists and intensivists at the Dover facility.

Once it is fully implemented more than 50 physicians will utilise it, including hospitalists, intensivists, cardiologists and palliative care specialists.

PatientKeeper is expected to help ensure more efficient and accurate patient hand-offs between shifts, thereby eliminating the need to manually transcribe information and the associated risk of errors.

PatientKeeper Charge Capture software provides an automated billing workflow that easily fits a clinician’s work style, and can support ICD-10 codes.

PatientKeeper’s highly configurable system, which supports workflows in all care settings and all specialities, also offers physicians the option of using a smartphone or tablet, as well as laptop and desktop computers, and comes with IMO (Intelligent Medical Objects).

With its intuitive interface, physicians can enter their charges with familiar, clinician-friendly words and phrases rather than obscure billing terminology.

PatientKeeper Sign-Out, which is integrated with all applications, including the user’s patient list, enables physicians to more safely transfer care responsibility from one clinician to another.

It provides configurable data templates that include the data elements needed to facilitate care team coordination.

Wentworth-Douglass IT and healthcare informatics director Lynda Powers said that the decision to move from paper to electronic charge capture was driven by the hospital’s billing and coding department, which was looking for a more efficient process in preparation for ICD-10.

"Transforming charge capture into an electronic process is a critical step in readying healthcare provider organisations for ICD-10."

"Similarly, physicians found their paper-based hand-off process clumsy and cumbersome; they literally had to manually cut and paste pieces of paper to create their sign-out sheets. PatientKeeper will solve those problems and improve the process," Powers added.

From a paper-based charge capture methodology, Wentworth-Douglass is migrating to the PatientKeeper system, which will be integrated with the hospital’s Siemens Soarian electronic medical record (EMR) and billing systems.

PatientKeeper president and CEO Paul Brient said the company is pleased that Wentworth-Douglass has chosen PatientKeeper as its partner in physician automation.

"Transforming charge capture into an electronic process is a critical step in readying healthcare provider organisations for ICD-10," Brient added.

Wentworth-Douglass Hospital is a not-for-profit charitable organisation specialised in trauma and emergency services, surgery, cancer care, birthing, orthopaedic services, cardiovascular services, sleep disorders, rehabilitation, pain management, wound healing, wellness and prevention programmes, plus extensive diagnostic services.