The Sudbury Clinic

The UK’s first bariatric clinic, which will work to prevent and treat obesity, has opened in London.

The Sudbury Clinic, designed by weight loss surgery group Streamline Surgical and founded by three consultant bariatric surgeons, was constructed in the grounds of BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow to tackle the obesity epidemic in the country.

BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital consultant bariatric surgeon Shaw Somers said the UK obesity epidemic is following the lead of the US where, for several years, public attitudes there have recognised the condition as an illness.

"We want our patients to feel that they have somewhere to go that is designed to make them feel comfortable and can accommodate their needs in a subtle way," Somers added.

"Centres like The Sudbury Clinic have long existed in America, and with the obesity epidemic in the UK growing rapidly, it is important that we offer a concrete support network for our patients."

The clinic’s team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, dietitians and psychologists will leverage the expertise and facilities available onsite at BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital.

BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital executive director Jan Hale said, "Many patients who are considering bariatric surgery face an unusually high level of anxiety and stress and we hope that this new clinic will become the model for the UK healthcare marketplace."

Image: The Sudbury Clinic is designed to provide specialist bariatric care for its patients. Photo: BMI Healthcare.