Providence Sacred Heart Medical Centre, a member of Providence Health and Services in the US, has deployed Talyst’s pharmacy automation for inventory control, workflow efficiency and improved patient safety.

The Talyst’s pharmacy automation, AutoPharm, three AutoCarousel, and AutoLabel solutions, which the medical centre used for five years, have provided enterprise-wide medication management across the health system.

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Centre and Children’s Hospital pharmacy informatics manager John Woon said Talyst’s pharmacy automation has improved the health system’s inventory control and processes.

"Sacred Medical is now more efficient and has better control of our drug inventories, while ensuring patient safety," Woon added.

The AutoCarousel enabled the hospital to combine drug inventory in a compact footprint and the vertical design allows protected, automated storage and accurate recovery, according to the hospital.

AutoCarousel streamlines stocking and picking activities using pick-to-light indicators, supports all dosage forms and packages, decreases required storage space by 30% to 50%, reduces time-on-task and staff required to fill orders and provides added security for medications.

AutoLabel print drug images in colour and flexible label choices.

Talyst chief executive officer Carla Corkern said, "Our products help our customers minimise storage footprint and increase efficiencies within the pharmacy."