Manhattan’s Physician Group (MPG), a physician-owned and operated multi-speciality medical group in the US, has opened a new patient-centred medical home in Harlem.

The new 18,000ft² facility facilitates a range of medical services such as family medicine, internal medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, gastroenterology, infectious disease and nutrition.

MPG chief executive officer Howard Tepper said that MPG continually upgrades its services and the medical home model is another change to support superior care.

"MPG continues to expand our clinical services, locations, and supporting technologies," Tepper added.

"For example, our sophisticated electronic medical records system allows easy exchange of patient data between our physicians, specialists, labs, pharmacies and hospitals, thereby fostering communication, eliminating medical errors, and improving patient service."

The new MPG facility, which replaces an office on Amsterdam Avenue, will contain an advanced electronic medical records system, enabling electronic prescription fulfilment and secure email correspondence with physicians.

EmblemHealth will provide point-of-care support to MPG patients in the Harlem facility to assist with medication and treatment adherence, home care, and community resources.

"The new MPG facility will contain an advanced electronic medical records system."

Under a patient-centred medical home model, patients actively participate in their own care, and treatment is coordinated through a primary care physician who leads a team of healthcare professionals.

In the MPG model, every physician has the same information as each patient has a privacy-protected electronic medical record that follows them through all levels of care.

EmblemHealth chief medical officer William Gillespie said, "MPG’s new medical facility exemplifies the difference between a state-of-the-art medical practice with integrated care coordination like MPG and other physician choices in the community that do not have all these capabilities."