Nexcom and Altech team up to minimise ambulance response time in Spain

Nexcom has joined hands with Altech to enable emergency medical teams (EMT) rapidly address emergency situations in Spain.

About 1000 vehicles are fitted with Nexcom and Altech’s mobile solutions which provide geographic information, emergency communications, and incident management to facilitate quick response.

The solutions also promote safe practices, and operational efficiency for emergency medical services (EMS) and other first responder units.

Altech Solutions and Consulting project department manager Andres Brunet Tena said: "Mobile solutions aiming to reduce EMT response times are growing in complexity.

"As an IT company focusing on mobile solutions for emergency services and security forces, Altech finds that Nexcom's VTC series of in-vehicle computers are high-quality robust platforms which integrate mobile computing, wireless communication, and device connectivity and guarantee successful project implementations.”

Adoption of these solutions is expected to reduce the overall time consumed during addressing an emergency condition starting from dispatch of ambulance to the entire process.

The preloaded solutions in a VTC-enabled ambulance will stream live traffic flow which will allow the EMT staff to find GPS coordinates and the fastest route to arrive at the incident site at the earliest while receiving incident updates en route.

The team can also use LTE, TETRA, or satellite channels to relay a patient's status to a service centre which can then notify hospitals of a patient's status and estimated time of arrival to allow an easy transfer of patient to the hospital.