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NHS virtual wards could be as disastrous as they sound

The NHS originally introduced virtual wards to monitor patients and calculate the need for emergency care.

Amazon muscles its way further into healthcare with the $3.9bn One Medical deal

Amazon is serious about pursuing a major role in the healthcare industry, which is shown by the acquisition of One Medical.

FDA adds automated external defibrillators and other medical devices to shortage list

According to the FDA, there is short supply of wearable and non-wearable AEDs and other medical devices.

5G will revolutionise healthcare

Estimates say that by 2023, over 30% of North American mobile connections will be on a 5G network.

Risk of stroke is high even with moderate intake of alcohol

The findings suggest that even drinking one or two glasses of alcohol daily will increase stroke risk by 15%. The study also found no evidence of a protective effect on the heart from light alcohol intake.

Reducing misconceptions around cervical cancer screening in the UK

If opinions remain negative, thousands of lives may be lost unnecessarily in the next decade to cervical cancer that could have been detected early.