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Chris Lo

AI in healthcare: key highlights in 2021

As AI and machine learning continues to evolve, we look at how it has impacted healthcare in 2021.

The NHS says data saves lives. Smart hospitals may prove it

Matt Hancock’s legacy for healthcare in England may be the smart hospital, as Giacomo Lee discovers.

Cataract surgery: powering up the femtosecond laser

Femtosecond lasers are promising a dramatic improvement in cataract removal and other eye surgeries. What are the benefits of this technology for patients and care providers, and is it financially out of reach for public healthcare systems like the NHS?

Kinect evolved: stroke recovery with Microsoft’s motion sensor

Could Microsoft’s Kinect drive a revolution in home-based stroke recovery through the use of affordable motion tracking? Chris Lo speaks to researchers at Southampton University and Roke Manor Research, who are aiming to bring virtual stroke rehabilitation into the patient’s living room.

The tangled web: Münchausen by Internet and the threat to online health forums

Münchausen by Internet, which involves online posters who deceive health forums with fictitious stories of illness and bereavement, is an emerging phenomenon that sheds light on the spaces where medicine and social media collide. Chris Lo looks into the methods and consequences of online fakers, and asks whether healthcare systems can keep up with this new frontier.

Prefilled syringes: Getting to the point

The many benefits of prefilled syringes are fuelling one of the medical device industry’s fastest-growing markets. Chris Lo rolls up his sleeves to explore the finely-honed science behind ready-to-use syringes.