Patient monitoring systems
Dewinda Bhachu 

Mr Dewinder Bhachu is currently head of PACSnet. He is responsible for running the Department of Health's National Evaluation Centre for PACS equipment evaluation, and was seconded to the National Programme for IT as their technical manager for NpfIT (PACS). He is also chair of the BSI IST/35 mirror panel IV (technology for interoperability). Dewinder started his academic career in Oxford, completing his undergraduate studies in the Physics Sciences and postgraduate studies at St. Bartholomew's medical college in Medical Electronics and Physics. He also regularly lectures on Computers in Medicine to postgraduate students at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine and at the University of Surrey. Dewinder's vision for the future is a healthcare that is not necessarily 'filmless and paperless' but one that makes the most effective use of the information and communication technologies that are available, to bring change in the healthcare culture.

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    31 Aug

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