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Mind mapping: how brain scans could help in the diagnosis of bipolar disorder

When diagnosing bipolar disorder, doctors have long relied on psychiatric assessment alone. Not until very recently has biological testing seemed viable, paving the way for a future in which brain scans play a role. More promising still, fMRI technology may be able to identify at-risk individuals even before symptoms take hold. Professor Mary Phillips of the University of Pittsburgh explains the implications for diagnosis and prognosis across the full spectrum of mood disorders to Abi Millar.

Ultrasonography: point-of-care vs radiology

The growing use of point-of-care ultrasound systems is dramatically altering the way patient treatment is delivered by providing easier access to diagnostic imaging and helping to reduce costs for the provider. But are physicians fully equipped to get the most out of them? Ross Davies speaks to Deborah Levine of the American College of Radiology about the need for training beyond radiology departments.

Signal to burn: the case for 3-Tesla cardiac MRI

Cardiovascular magnetic resonance using 3-Tesla MRI has been found to increase the detection of new or alternative conditions in patients who have suffered cardiac arrest, according to a team of Canadian-led researchers. The team’s Dr James White explains how diagnoses could be missed using traditional imaging techniques and how higher field strength could be the future of cardiac imaging.

Nuclear images

GlobalData examines the competitive landscape for the global nuclear imaging equipment market, and analyses market forecasts to 2017 and the sector’s future product pipeline.

A cut too far? How diagnostic imaging could save money in the long term

With an aging population, do the US healthcare cuts really make economic sense? Gail Rodriguez and Timothy Trysla tell Nic Paton how improved access to diagnostic imaging could actually reduce the healthcare bill by preventing future hospitalisation thanks to early diagnosis.