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Another recall: does Philips have a quality control problem?

Philips’ has recalled a number of high profile medical devices in recent years, shaking investor confidence.

Co-bots and automatons: the divergent futures of robotics

Robots are already vital in a number of sectors, from manufacturing to retail, and their use will only grow.

Signal: CMR Surgical Raises $165m to continue development of surgical robot

The UK-based surgical robotics company has now raised over $1bn in funding, cementing its unicorn status.

Signal: UK NHS pay row intensifies as doctors launch joint strike

UK public sector doctor’s pay is below that in Germany or the US, and ongoing strike action may lead to more emigration.

Corporate sustainability needs ESG standards and tools

Global industry leaders are embracing ESG issues but diverging reporting standards pose a challenge to corporate sustainability.

Signal: PureHealth UK expansion shows continued focus on healthcare in UAE

The $1.5bn deal is the largest the newly formed company have performed yet, but more likely to come.

Signal: Allina health will no longer bar indebted patients from care

Following public outcry and a government investigation, Allina Health have reneged on their policy.

Signal: NHS whistle-blower policy questioned following Letby conviction

In light of the conviction of nurse Lucy Letby for murder, doctors are calling for a revisit of whistle-blowing policies.

Signal: despite hirings cooldown, growth in healthtech seems inevitable

The July slump shouldn’t be read as an indictment of the sector but as proof of its longevity.