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Jyoti Ranjan Padhi

Picturing Change

As imaging technology advances, the ways in which healthcare professionals do their job also changes. But what are the next big developments to come out of R&D and how will they impact on the role of the radiologist? GlobalData looks at the work being undertaken by manufacturers and academia and how it is changing the face of diagnostic imaging the world over.

Vital Signs

Manufacturers and healthcare providers are constantly striving to improve patient care through monitoring. But what are the latest technologies being employed in this battle and what do commercial developments mean for the daily delivery of care? Jyoti Ranjan Padhi, GlobalData, offers an insight to Practical Patient Care.

New Order for Change

Asia is set to be the growth engine for the global healthcare sector. Jyoti Ranjan Padhi, senior analyst with GlobalData, examines the healthcare systems and provisions in Asian and African countries to gain an insight on which countries have the best availability of required healthcare resources to serve their respective patient pool.