Home healthcare providers generally offer a more convenient, effective, and less expensive healthcare service that is provided in the comfort of the home rather than in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Home healthcare providers offer services diverse services such as care for surgical wounds, intravenous therapy, serious illness or health status monitoring, patient care, and caregiver education. They help patients in regaining health or maintaining their prevailing condition.

Changes in regulation and expanding interest from private equity companies have impacted the home healthcare market over the past few years. Some of the biggest home healthcare companies are working to diversify their businesses and expand throughout the home healthcare trajectory.

Discover the top home healthcare providers

Hospital Management has listed some of the leading home healthcare companies based on our extensive expertise in the healthcare sector. The list includes providers of specialised services, including doctor and nursing care, critical care, diabetes care, mother and baby care, physical and occupational therapy, elder care, and home healthcare aides to help patients with their basic personal care such as bathing and walking.

These companies also provide basic assistance care such as assistance in household chores and grocery shopping, nutritional support such as aide from a dietician to provide dietary assessments, doctor consultations, pharmaceutical services, medical equipment, lab tests, transportation, meal delivery, counselling, and several other solutions.

The list also includes home healthcare providers that offer therapeutic products such as ventilators, nebulisers, oxygen concentrators, and dialysis machines, testing, screening, and monitoring products such as blood glucose meters, electrocardiogram monitors, allergy tests, and cholesterol tests, and mobility care products for example walkers, wheelchairs, and lift equipment.

The information contained within the download document is designed for in-home healthcare providers, home care integrators, home care coordinators, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, home care aides, physicians, home care quality managers, service engineers, client relations executives, nursing clinical managers, and any other individual involved in home healthcare services. 

The download contains detailed information on the providers and their solutions, alongside contact details to aid your hiring decisions. 

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Factors driving the home healthcare market

The rapidly growing geriatric population and chronic diseases, the need for cost-effective healthcare delivery, and advancements in home care device technologies due to rising research and development (R&D) investments have been driving the growth of the global home healthcare market.

Emerging telehealth technology can be used to support compliance with treatment regimens, facilitate self-care, and offer patient education. Wireless electronics and digital processing help in establishing communication between diverse types of medical devices and remote healthcare professionals. They may also provide reminders to the at-home patients, such as to take medications, perform physical therapy, check blood glucose levels, and schedule follow-up appointments.