While providing healthcare benefits to employees is optional for very small organisations, employers of all sizes consider health insurance benefits as a critical component of employee compensation package.

As health care costs rise, employers are purchasing increasingly competitive group health insurance plans to offer extended healthcare benefits to their employees. To ensure improved patient experience, employers also need efficient employee healthcare payors who can negotiate the best price with hospitals and deliver faster, hassle-free and more transparent claims processing, serving as a critical link between the employer, insurer and the healthcare provider.

Finding the best employee healthcare payors

Hospital Management has listed some of the leading employee healthcare payors based on its intel, insights and expertise in the sector.

The list includes medical payors that are specialised in setting healthcare service rates and settling provider claims under employer-provided group health insurance plans.

The information contained within the download document is useful for hospital administrators, billing executives, corporate HR and finance managers, healthcare insurance planners and managers, and any other individual associated with employee health insurance product development, marketing and claim processing.

The download contains detailed information on employee healthcare payors and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

Advantages of employee healthcare insurance plans

Group health insurance is of critical importance to both employees and employers. It is a valuable perk for employees as they will have to pay significantly higher premiums if they want to buy similar health insurance coverage out of their pocket for self and dependents.

Along with the effort to relieve employees of the burden of healthcare spending and offer convenient access to quality healthcare services, employers are increasingly using employee health insurance as a recruitment tool to attract and retain talent and boost employee satisfaction.

Employers also gain tax advantages by providing health insurance benefits to their employees.

Trends in employee health insurance

Employers are keen to maximise the utility of health insurance that they provide to their employees. There has been an increasing tendency among employers to provide affordable and integrated health care benefits, encompassing vision, dental, disability, mental and supplemental health, and pharmacy benefits, to employees through a single payor.

While playing an active role in facilitating high-value care at a lower cost and providing extended coverage for employees’ overall health and well-being, employers choose employee healthcare payors and insurers with proven excellence in maintaining data security, privacy, and management.

Download our list here.