Mercan Fabrics and Garments for Operating Theatres

Mercan, a Swedish company, is specialised in reusable surgical fabrics and garments with 100% barrier for use in hospital operating theatres (operation rooms).

Fabrics for surgical gowns, drapes and scrub suits

In our product range you will find fabrics for surgical gowns for both wet and dry operations, and also drapes and scrub suits. All the fabrics are made with carbon yarn and you can obtain them with either a repellent or absorbent finish. We deliver our fabrics in metre per roll or ready-made garments.

Reusable surgical fabrics

Together with a Japanese high-tech fabric manufacturer, Mercan has developed and produced a reusable surgical fabric with a 100% virus-bacteria-liquid barrier. This barrier fabric is called three-layer membrane-laminate fabric.

This fabric has been extensively tested in Europe and the US in order to ensure it meets the demands of operating theatres both today and in the future.

The fabrics have a lifespan of 100 washings and autoclavings, which make them unique on the market.

Barrier fabrics for wet or infected-blood operations

Our barrier fabrics can be used for wet operations or in cases where you suspect infected blood.

With our new three-layer barrier fabric NK-28, Mercan has taken surgical barrier fabrics to a new level. The fabric is more comfortable, softer and weighs only 155g/m².

Fabrics for scrub suits

Our fabrics for scrub suits are developed to meet the demands of today’s infection and surgical wards.

The fabric is equipped with carbon yarn to protect against static electricity. The fabric is also free from linting. We offer fabrics with repellent as well as absorbent finish.

EN 13795-approved textiles for operating theatres

All of the textiles we use for fabrics and garments used in hospital operating theatres are approved according to the European Standard EN 13795.

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Mercan AB

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+46 40 475230 +46 40 474182

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