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Telemedicine / EHR Systems

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ICUcare is a medical information and communication systems integrator / manufacturer and software developer. ICUcare is committed to applying innovative and technologically advanced solutions to the healthcare industry.

Multi-discipline EHR system

ICUcare’s newly enhanced eDoc® telemedicine / EHR system has a new name to reflect the integration of a multi-discipline EHR system: eDoc® EHR desktop or client / server system.

ICUcare’s newly developed and released eDoc® EHR desktop or client / server system is garnering attention from professionals within the healthcare community and competitors alike. This development represents an affordable single or multi-practice, multi-discipline, EHR system that deploys in hours as opposed to days or even weeks. The system is so intuitive that it makes everyone in your office look like an experienced IT professional. The system features such an array of custom user interfaces that it seems like it was developed just for your specialty practice and the way you want to work.

Telemedicine / EHR system

The eDoc® telemedicine / EHR system represents the most technologically advanced telemedicine or telehealth solution on wheels. If you remove the wheels, it’s really a mobile health clinic. ICUcare’s development team left no stone unturned, no ‘I’ undotted, and no ‘t’ uncrossed in their diligent efforts to bring to you the most ergonomically friendly, technologically advanced, versatile telemedicine system ever developed.

The eDoc® mobile cart is as robust and durable as anything on the market. Its features include: 110VAC powered with four integral medical-grade receptacles and backed up with two medical-grade DC batteries with power management and indication. Couple with a cable management system and discreet CPU compartment and electronically lockable drawer and you have one lean, mean machine.

Telemed / EHR desktop telemedicine software

At the heart of every eDoc® telemedicine system is the eDoc® telemedicine / EHR desktop telemedicine software. The eDoc® telemedicine / EHR suite of products features include a full complement of standard medical device interfaces and supports multiple party live streaming video conferencing as well as store and forward abilities. Additionally, the solution provides multiple features like security, scheduling, billing, forms and files data entry, image view, offline data transfer within the deployment and much more.

The eDoc® telemedicine / EHR telemedicine system is available in both desktop versions with or without client server platforms at the patient end and hosted by ICUcare’s centrally implemented telemedicine / EHR solution at the physician’s end via web browser-based eDoc® telemedicine web portal and supported by the first vertically integrated PHR web portal program in North America.

Mobile telemedicine / EHR system

The eDoc® mobile telemedicine / EHR system represents a substantial breakthrough in the ability to deliver healthcare services to the patient, anywhere, anytime irrespective of geographic boundaries. It’s like having a mobile health clinic and it’s at your disposal 24/7.

Every design feature and function as represented in the ‘hospital-grade medical cart’ version has been replicated in order to provide the same comprehensive, all-in-one vertically integrated telemedicine, EHR, and video conferencing system. The eDoc® mobile telemedicine / EHR system can be configured in several variations. The standard configuration comes complete with a platinum roller laptop case capable of fitting into the overhead bin of an airplane. The ‘rugged’ configuration features an IP65 waterproof HPS resin case.

Simple and Reliable Control and Permanent Record of Sterilization Efficiency

The complexity of modern medical technology and the wide variety of sterilization techniques and equipment has made effective sterility assurance programs highly challenging. Important tasks and duties of sterile service departments include staff training, maintenance and calibration of equipment