Added Value in Patient Movement

ERGOS is a new bariatric patient movement system developed in collaboration with Greater Glasgow Health Board. It provides better value in patient movement because it is a fully automated remote control system that removes the manual handling risk from patient movement. The added value is delivered in the following ways:

  1. The silent operation allows it to be used at any time, in any location
  2. The footprint allows it to go between beds and into toilet cubicles
  3. It can move patients of up to 40st (250kg) with no manual handling input
  4. It allows the carer to be closer to the patient
  5. No swing of the patient as they are moved
  6. It can be used in cramped and awkward conditions
  7. It does not need several movements to locate for patient movement
  8. It covers a target area up to 40st (250kg), which includes a significant amount of overhead track capacity, but unlike overhead track systems ERGOS can go almost anywhere
  9. The existing hoists are functional only for a vertical lift, which means that with any patient weighing in excess of 12st, it is likely that the effort required to move the hoist will be in breach of current H&S guidelines
  10. Existing hoists still present a real risk of stress and injury in the upper back and neck
  11. The cost of this risk is around £400m annually, not including management time
  12. 40% of absenteeism in the NHS is attributed to manual handling incidents
  13. There is continual regulatory and union pressure to improve working practices and patient care
  14. Removing the risk of injury from manual handling removes the potential cost of double salary payments during absence and management cost of replacement staff
  15. Removing the risk of injury from manual handling removes the risk of prosecution for use of practices that breach H&S requirements
  16. Removing the risk of injury from manual handling reduces the risk of claims being made successfully and will impact on insurance premium costs
  17. Providing the right equipment will improve levels of attendance, where anecdotal evidence suggests some absenteeism is a result of musculo-sleletal tiredness from use of existing equipment
  18. Providing the right equipment will improve employee relations and gain union support
  19. ERGOS gives improved risk management profile
  20. The price is not comparable to existing equipment because the functionality of ERGOS in removing manual handling risk places it a unique position in patient movement; it covers both floor-based and ceiling-based systems but is more flexible than both and has greater functionality
  21. ERGOS provides greater smoothness, comfort and security to the patient during a transfer and has the patient in the sling for the minimum time necessary

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