“After 10 years of success at the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Congress, the Cord Blood World Europe Congress was started from a need to build deposits, reduce costs, increase utilisation, regenerative applications and improve quality. Born out of demand from feedback over the years the World Cord Blood Congress aims to bring together public and private banks, clinicians, researchers, regulatory bodies and solution providers to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing this field of regenerative medicine.

In 2015 the inaugural conference bought together over 100 professionals from private and public sectors as well as clinicians to discuss the need to improve cost efficiency, utilisation of units, bioprocessing, regenerative applications, regulation and new business models for banks. The conference was a huge success and rated the best in terms of commercial application out of all other cord blood conferences and still retaining a high level of scientific content.

For 2016 World Cord Blood Congress proudly welcomes an audience of over 200 professionals from the cord blood community across commercial, clinical, research and developmental areas. With even more content on cellular therapy, immunotherapy, cell expansion and a foundation panel of charities and non-for-profit organisations.

The networking and exhibition area will be shared with the World Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Congress and Personalised Medicine Congress bringing together over 600 members of the regenerative medicine community. Delegates will be able to hear and learn from over 40 speakers across the 2 days. This year’s meeting will deliver exceptional knowledge, showcase new techniques and technologies, create valuable business opportunities and provide a platform to advance the cord blood sector.