“Incredibly, 50% of treatments are ineffective due to misdiagnosis or the drugs simply don’t work.

There is hope and it is in the form of Precision Medicine, which proposes that diagnosis and treatment be tailored to an individual. Through diagnostic testing, genetic information along with molecular analysis is used to; test predisposition to disease, diagnose disease and prescribe the most effective treatment based upon prognosis and reaction / side effects.

The social and economic benefits of Precision Medicine are wide ranging which is why the US and UK Governments have implemented a plan to develop the Precision Medicine Industry which is expected to grow to $90 billion dollars over the next five years.

Precision Medicine could be a Paradigm Shift for healthcare so how do we make it a reality. Firstly, is to bring the entire community together from; healthcare, patient groups and governmental bodies through to diagnostic developers, pharma, biotech, data companies and regulators so everyone can understand the benefits and work through the challenges preventing uptake.

The World Precision Medicine Congress is the market place for the industry to meet professionals and discuss issues ranging from understanding what healthcare needs, what patient groups want and prevention vs treatment through to the genome sequencing, biomarkers, anonymous data collection, companion diagnostics, regulation and implementation.