The Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. The programme provides a platform to recognize the people and companies that are driving change.

Our programme is designed to highlight excellence within the sector by looking at a range of corporate activities including deals, business projects and company initiatives, both internal and in the community.

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What is Investments?

The Investments category looks at any significant financial investments into a company or its assets, specifically those investments that facilitate expansion of a company’s operations. This can be an investment by the company itself into its operations or by an outside investor be that another company, financial institution, private equity or venture capital firm.


One clear investment trend that has been evident during this research period is companies purchasing robotic surgery solutions and data services to improve invasive treatments and general hospital operation.

Another visible trend is investment into health infrastructure modernization, which has become even more important in view of the COVID pandemic.  

The pandemic has also made the use of efficient patient flow solutions a must and significant investment flows have also been directed towards adopting and upgrading such solutions.

Although the COVID emergency stalled modernization drives within the industry, some investment into monitoring and imaging solutions, cancer care updates, electronic health records and various patient experience platforms is also evident.


This category consists of public institutions or private companies that have financed the development or redevelopment of hospital facilities. This includes treatment facilities, dedicated speciality facilities and investment into hospital technologies.

The category includes hospital authorities that have invested in comprehensive modernisation programmes and hospital technology companies that have supported such modernisations.

This category includes healthcare providers that have implemented various standalone technical solutions and some hospital tech companies that have distinguished themselves in marketing such solutions.