Jordan-based hospital Abdali Medical Center is set to adopt a new clinical information system to provide optimal patient care.

Known as, the integrated hospital information system is offered by global health platform and innovation company Cerner.

To make the centre a paperless environment, the hospital has selected Intrasoft as the system integrator to provide end-to-end solutions through collaborators’ Soltius, SAP, Cerner, and Elsevier.

Abdali Medical Center is implementing Cerner’s electronic health record (EHR) platform, Patient Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from Cerner and SAP.

Additionally, Elsevier’s clinical content and clinical decision will be included in the HER. The system will also be integrated with Elsevier’s Order Sets and Care Planning.

The deployment of the system will help the centre to attain Level 6 certification from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

Abdali Medical Center chief information officer Paul Casterton said: “We are proud to be taking the necessary steps to become the first paperless hospital in Jordan in collaboration with our collaborators’ SAP, Cerner and Elsevier.

“Our implementation of SAP and Cerner’s integrated suite of ERP and EHR applications in conjunction with Elsevier’s Care Planning solution provides Abdali Medical Center with the ability to truly automate our end-to-end clinical and business processes.

“The implementation of these industry-leading solutions by Intrasoft and Soltius will enable us to deliver seamless patient journeys, drive efficiency and provide high-quality affordable care. In addition, the wealth of data collected will be used to report and improve patient outcomes and ultimately to manage and optimise clinical and business performance across the entire organisation.”