Adventist Health and Kern Medical have established a partnership to create a medical coalition that will focus on healthcare expansion and surgical advancement in Kern County, California.

The partnership was agreed following months of planning and preparation.

Beginning from 1 January 2022, Adventist Health Kern County, of West Coast-based Adventist Health, and Kern Medical, will combine their capabilities to offer more treatment choices for patients across the county.

Kern Medical CEO Russell Judd said: “Too many people choose to travel out of Kern County to receive healthcare that they perceive is better than is available in Kern County.

“The current system of care is fragmented and the divided environment of healthcare in Kern County needs to change. Adventist Health and Kern Medical are in a unique position to change the healthcare landscape in Kern County.”

The partnership between the two organisations will see creation of a large health care network in the county, with more than 4,500 healthcare professionals, and over 1,000 physicians and physicians-in-training across more than 30 locations.

It is also expected to help in retaining healthcare professionals and physician specialists in the county.

Adventist Health Kern County president Daniel Wolcott noted that the collaboration is not a merger. However, the association will facilitate strategic sharing and leveraging of each other’s resources.

Wolcott added: “We all want to transform the health and well-being of Kern County. The citizens of Kern County deserve the best healthcare possible, with a comprehensive healthcare system and seamless capacity to care for all levels of care inside our community.

“The partnership between Adventist Health Kern County and Kern Medical will bring this vision to life.”