agilon health and MaineHealth have signed a letter of intent to enter into a long-term partnership to provide improved care for Medicare Advantage patients .

MaineHealth consists of a comprehensive behavioural healthcare network, nine local health systems, home health agencies, and diagnostic services.

It offers diagnosis, preventive care, as well as treatment to residents in Maine and New Hampshire.

The partnership between the companies is expected to create access to a new primary care delivery system that will enable improved patient care for patients across MaineHealth’s service area in Maine and New Hampshire.

agilon health stated that MaineHealth and six additional new physician groups are expected to join the platform in 2023.

This addition will expand agilon health’s footprint to include 25 diverse geographies, 23 physician groups, 12 states, along with more than 2,200 primary care physicians.

In 2023, the new partnerships are expected to add nearly 80,000 Medicare Advantage members on the agilon platform.

agilon health CEO Steve Sell said: “This partnership with MaineHealth is a strong statement on the continued evolution of the US healthcare system toward primary-care led, value-based care to improve outcomes and the quality of care for seniors.

“With MaineHealth and our other 2023 physician group partners, we are significantly advancing our vision to transform health care in communities across the country and are well positioned to help more physician groups and now integrated health systems thrive long-term.”

The company stated that its partnership model will now include four physician partner types: scaled networks, integrated health systems, PCP only groups, and multispecialty groups.

Furthermore, agilon health and MaineHealth are expected to finalise their long-term, joint venture agreement in the second quarter of this year.