US national health system Ascension, which operates over 2,600 sites of care, including 150 hospitals and more than 50 senior living facilities, has partnered with technology company Google to deliver digital capabilities for Ascension consumers, patients and clinical providers.

The partnership is intended to transform healthcare by optimising the health and wellness of individuals and communities.

Ascension, which operates in 20 states and the District of Columbia, also intends to take forward its mission of providing personalised care to all, especially those living in poverty and the most vulnerable.

The non-profit health system plans to streamline consumers’ engagement with healthcare, improve the caregiver experience with technology to predict and manage patient needs, and improve the efficiency of Ascension’s technology operations by bringing isolated solutions to integrated platforms.

Ascension strategy and innovations executive vice-president Eduardo Conrado said: “As the healthcare environment continues to rapidly evolve, we must transform to better meet the needs and expectations of those we serve as well as our own caregivers and healthcare providers.

“Doing that will require the programmatic integration of new care models delivered through the digital platforms, applications and services that are part of the everyday experience of those we serve.”

As part of the Ascension-Google collaboration, the health system’s infrastructure will be upgraded by transitioning to the Google Cloud Platform. Work will involve network and system connectivity, data integration, compliance, and privacy and security.

The collaboration will involve a transition to the G Suite productivity and collaboration tools to improve the ability of Ascension’s associates to communicate and collaborate in real time and support interdisciplinary care and operations teams across the sites of care.

Under the partnership, Ascension and Google will also explore artificial intelligence and machine learning applications that can improve clinical quality and effectiveness, patient safety, advocacy, and increase consumer and provider satisfaction.

Google Cloud president Tariq Shaukat said: “By working in partnership with leading healthcare systems like Ascension, we hope to transform the delivery of healthcare through the power of the cloud, data analytics, machine learning, and modern productivity tools—ultimately improving outcomes, reducing costs, and saving lives.”