Austco Healthcare has secured a contract to upgrade the nurse call system for JurongHealth Campus in Singapore.

Under the terms of the $1.3m contract, Austco Healthcare will refresh the Tacera Nurse Call platform which is installed at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) and the Jurong Community Hospital (JCH) which have 700 and 400 beds, respectively.

Austco Healthcare noted that the strategic partnership between the company and JurongHealth Campus will ensure that the hospital executes on the vision of improving healthcare for the community by proving better as well as cost-effective care.

It was selected on the basis that Tacera’s Nurse Call platform is the only solution on the market that can deliver VoIP Internet Protocol to the patients’ bedside.

The platform also provides a foundation for future products and services.

Austco Healthcare CEO Clayton Astles said: “We are aligned with JurongHealth’s mission of advancing healthcare by synergising technology.

“At Austco, our focus is on providing innovative solutions, like our exceptional Tacera nurse call system, that deliver quality care and optimise the patient experience.”

In Singapore, NTFGH and JCH were the first hospitals which were designed and constructed together from the ground up as an integrated healthcare development.

They deliver patient-centered services for better patient care and convenience.

All beds at the hospitals will now feature the Tacera solution and include integrations with the Code Blue Platform of JurongHealth.

This platform will deliver the fastest Code Blue rapid response.

Going forward, NTFGH and JCH also plan to implement artificial intelligence technology with the Tacera solution, which will be able to use data for diagnosing the patient and improve survival rates.