AViTA Health System has opened the new maternity unit at Ontario Hospital located in Ohio, US.

The maternity unit at the Avita Ontario Hospital comprises two operating rooms, two triage rooms, a nursery, along with 11 labour, delivery, recovery, and postpartum (LDRP) suites.

The LDRP suites are private rooms that include equipment to care for mom and baby before, during, and after the birth.

These suites at Avita are more than 400ft2 comprising new amenities like private bathrooms and showers. 

Avita Health System president/CEO Jerome Morasko said: “Our maternity unit was designed with the patient in mind. We wanted to bring another option for obstetrical care to the area and offer a birthing experience in an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable, and feels like home.”

The company stated that it has made nearly $15m investment on the third phase of Avita Ontario Hospital.

The hospital’s Phase III involves development of the second floor of the Ontario Hospital that includes an additional medical/surgical unit, a maternity unit and intensive care unit.

The inpatient units at the hospital are scheduled to be opened this year.

Avita Health System Operations vice-president Kim Winkle said: “The new LDRP unit is beautiful. We are very excited to open to the community today.

“We started construction in March of 2021 and the unit was completed less than a year later. Our vision was brought to life with the help of Adena Corporation and Davis WInce, Ltd. Architecture.”

Furthermore, the company plans to add 100 jobs at Avita Ontario Hospital.