Beaver Medical Group has announced its plans to open two new facilities in California.

One project is located in Beaumont and the other in Banning. Once these two new facilities become operational, Beaver Medical Group will be able to nearly double its present footprint in the Banning and Beaumont areas.

Beaver Medical Group has signed a long-term lease for a new, three-story office building in the Sundance Corporate Center in Beaumont.

This building is slated to open in 2019.

This site will replace and build upon the existing care facility at Highland Springs. The lease at Highland Springs is expected to end in July 2019.

Besides serving as an urgent care centre with expanded hours and services, the new facility in Beaumont will provide laboratory services and radiology/imaging services.

Beaver Medical Group has also negotiated for an option to lease an extra space of 86,000ft2 at the Sundance Corporate Center to meet additional patient growth.

The medical group will also construct a 36,000-ft2 facility in Banning.

The two-story building will accommodate senior-focused primary care and specialty physicians.

Beaver Medical Group administrator John Goodman said: “Beaver Medical Group has been in the Banning/Beaumont community for decades and will be for decades to come.

“We are committed to providing top-quality healthcare to the community’s current population and future generations. This expansion of Beaver’s services is necessary to meet the healthcare demands of a growing region.”

Beaver Medical Group has over 80 doctors serving 40,000 patients in the Banning and Beaumont areas. Besides the local hospitals, Beaver has three facilities in the Banning and Beaumont areas: the Banning Primary Care Center, the Banning Specialty Care Center and the Highland Springs Medical Plaza and Urgent Care.