Bridge Connector, a US-based technology company, has announced the availability of its Patient Create application in the Epic App Orchard.

This application not only streamlines patient creation records but also cuts down duplicate records to aid health systems making use of Epic save time and prevent errors, which usually occur during the intake and onboarding process.

Patient Create helps users to tap Bridge Connector’s extensive library of pre-existing integrations to automate the exchange and creation of patient health records across various data systems.

This reduces the chance of error in patient matching records, thereby streamlining the patient intake process.

As of result of this new functionality, users can easily track new leads from call centers and marketing campaigns by making use of various engagement channels, whilst cutting down the risk of duplicate records usually caused due to dual manual documentation.

Bridge Connector chief technology officer Josh Douglas said: “Adding Patient Create to the App Orchard offers users a new tool to help streamline workflows and automate patient intake.

“We are excited to make our integration solutions more easily accessible for the many hospitals and health systems that use Epic, and believe this is an important milestone toward our mission to improve care processes and interoperability for the health care community.”

Patient Create enables health care providers to easily leverage their preferred systems for patient engagement.

Following the entry of basic patient demographic information, Patient Create automatically matches the patient to an existing medical record number (MRN) in Epic. If there is no match available, then a new patient data is created. It eliminates the need for staff to re-enter patient details for downstream workflows in Epic, thereby bolstering operational efficiency.