Montréal West Island IUHSSC in Canada has completed a mobile hospital to offer increased treatment capacity for patients with Covid-19.

Teams at CIUSSS partnered with Canadian Red Cross and the borough of LaSalle to work on the mobile hospital since 15 April.

The temporary hospital is situated within the Aréna Jacques-Lemaire near the Hôpital de LaSalle. It can accept up to 40 Covid-19 patients from long-term care centres (CHSLDs).

It is expected that the new facility will help support the public and private long-term care centres, along with the private seniors’ residences on the IUHSSC territory needing  transfer of Covid-19 patients who require hospitalisation.

Currently, IUHSSC teams are working to build spaces for the staff who will care for patients and to configure medical equipment.

The teams will also disinfect the site completely in order to be prepared to accept initial patients within a few days.

In a statement, CIUSSS said: “This complex project has come together thanks to the exceptional work of our IUHSSC’s teams, who have essentially created a complete village.

“The expertise and efforts of all those who contributed to the creation of this mobile hospital allow us to anticipate the needs on the territory of our IUHSSC while also limiting the spread.

“The priority remains unchanged: ensuring the health and safety of patients, users, clients, and residents, civilians and veterans, as well as staff.”

Currently, patients needing to be transferred are sent to Covid-19 care units at the Hôpital de LaSalle. The mobile hospital will help cater to patients when the institution exceeds its capacity.