Seven rural and community hospitals in the US have selected healthcare technology firm Cerner‘s CommunityWorks, a cloud-based deployment of the company’s Millennium electronic health record (EHR).

The patient-centric EHR solution is intended to allow enhanced care at healthcare providers in smaller communities.

Macon Community Hospital (MCH) is the first of Cerner’s partners to deploy a virtual EHR solution. In March this year, hospital staff worked remotely with Cerner associates to implement CommunityWorks.

Cerner also upgraded technology across the main hospital and four related clinics of Clay County Medical Center (CCMC). The upgrade will improve interoperability between the hospital and clinics, as well as boost care.

In addition, Coulee Medical Center (CMC) agreed to switch to Cerner across its main hospital and two rural health clinics, while Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center (OMHC) will deploy Cerner EHR throughout its 25-bed acute care facility and outpatient clinic.

Opelousas General Health System (OGHS), which operates two acute facilities and has 150 providers, will move to CommunityWorks to streamline IT operations and leverage Cerner’s network.

With four clinics, Pike County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) selected Cerner to enhance its quality of care.

Meanwhile, United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) will use Cerner technology across its four hospitals and four clinics to ensure a single integrated health record.

Cerner CommunityWorks president Mitchell Clark said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of having access to the right information at the right time in order to support providers as they work to save lives.

“The flexibility and scalability of this delivery model allows for use across community hospitals of varying sizes, making Cerner a right-fit for these clients and many others across the country.”

Earlier this month, American Hospital Dubai and Cerner partnered to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) research centre.