China has reportedly trialed a temporary tent hospital erected on pontoon as part of a medical exercise held in Shanghai.

The project, which is led by Shanghai East Hospital, is intended for emergency situations such as flooding and has been designed to be used for water rescue operations that are complicated.

The tent hospital features a floating platform and two tents. They comprise an intensive care unit, surgical rooms and wards.

Shanghai East Hospital president Liu Zhongmin was quoted by Shine as saying: “It is an initial design and we will further perfect and renovate the equipment gradually to improve its function and ability.

“This project with a floating platform and medical tents is to build a removable hospital, which is more convenient for installation and also meets the requirement of safety and mobility.”

Shanghai East collaborated with Shanghai Huaqi Water Engineering and the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University to develop the hospital.

They also conducted research on engineering, materials and medicine.

The hospital can be transported, easily assembled and installed in different kinds of waterways, including flooded urban areas and narrow rivers.

Additionally, it can perform emergency surgery, imaging, clinical tests, first aid and patient care.

Recently, the temporary hospital was reportedly put to test by installing and immediately using it in Shanghai’s Chongming District.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Shanghai East Hospital also sent teams to Wuhan to develop a makeshift hospital.