Children’s Health of Orange County Hospital (CHOC) has collaborated with management technology provider Feedtrail to implement a new feedback platform for improving patient experience reporting.

Feedtrail’s platform provides instant patient feedback to hospital administrators who can make changes in real-time.

It has been developed to prioritise communication, customised surveys as well as care coordination insight for the patient’s family members and caregivers.

The initial implementation of the platform at CHOC Hospital covers the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), emergency department as well as the hospitalists.

Feedtrail chief strategy officer Paul Jaglowski said: “For decades, the healthcare experience has lacked hospitality and primarily been a one-way street, in terms of communication.

“When you’re not listening to your patients, especially as it relates to a child or individual who cannot advocate for themselves, the system is unsustainable.”

CHOC will work with the company to improve communications and to educate patients and their families regarding the treatments and procedures they are receiving.

The new collaboration is part of CHOC’s many other important initiatives that focus on the patient experience.

CHOC Patient and Family Experience manager Kat Burton said: “When you’re dealing with children in areas like the emergency department or NICU, the entire family can be stressed and anxious.

“Previously we were relying on post-discharge surveys, which was an incomplete reflection of the patient experience.

“We needed a solution that illuminated data in an actionable way so we could immediately direct resources and support patients and families in real-time.”

The HR and patient experience departments will use the findings from the Feedtrail’s platform to assess and evolve best practices over the course of the next year.

CHOC is a 334-bed children’s hospital located in Orange, California.