The Christ Hospital Health Network has selected MSK-OSTM technology from IncludeHealth to bring physical therapy services into patients’ homes.

The technology has been designed to make specialised musculoskeletal (MSK) care accessible and convenient.

By pairing already coordinated in-person care with an at-home virtual PT solution, the Christ Hospital team will be able to track and monitor progress of a patient in the pre as well as post-operative periods.

The Christ Hospital Health Network Rehabilitation Services director Patrick Murray said: “We believe IncludeHealth’s MSK-OS is the most comprehensive platform to deliver consistent on-site and virtual physical therapy to orthopedic patients.

“In addition to providing real-time, one-on-one therapy sessions remotely at home, this system allows our therapists to monitor compliance through the camera technology and system alerts when patients are alone to ensure they are following their individualised care plan safely and correctly for proper progression.

“This technology ensures that we provide the highest quality rehabilitative care and preserves our patient-provider relationships well beyond the walls of the clinic.”

For orthopaedic patients, the virtual PT option will be an added benefit through the Center of Excellence (COE) programme.

With IncludeHealth’s easy-to-use, device-agnostic MSK-OS platform, personalised care plans can be built in the cloud and delivered to patients directly, through real-time body tracking provided on any device with a camera that is forward-facing.

A patient at home can run the platform on any device such as phones, tablets, or computers to be able to engage with their trusted Christ Hospital provider conveniently.

Additionally, MSK-OS increases plan adherence and ensures remote adjustments of care plan to improve post-operative care.