CloudWave and Canon Group Company Vital Images are set to collaborate to provide secure, cloud-based enterprise imaging solutions to healthcare delivery organisations.

The companies will jointly deliver Enterprise Imaging as a cloud-based service, featuring options for fully-hosted, multi-cloud, and local cloud edge deployments.

Systems management, replication, disaster recovery as well as data protection solutions would be delivered from CloudWave’s OpSus Healthcare Cloud.

With fully managed platforms, OpSus Healthcare Cloud powers both legacy healthcare applications and native SaaS applications.

CloudWave Cloud Services vice-president Mark Middleton said: “Our vision for CloudWave’s OpSus Cloud has always been focused on providing solutions that hospitals need to deliver the best care possible to their communities.

“The Vital Enterprise Imaging service gives hospitals control over their imaging platform, with operations and management delivered from the cloud to meet stringent service level agreements.”

With CloudWave, hospitals and healthcare organisations will be able to migrate critical IT services such as medical imaging to secure, performant, multi-cloud public, hybrid, private platforms.

The Vitrea Enterprise Imaging solution from Vital focuses on interoperability and makes data accessible across the entire enterprise.

Vital Images VP and CSIO Larry Sitka said: “Together, with CloudWave, we have identified these sync challenges and have solved this problem as healthcare organisations go to the cloud and enable their physicians.

“Partnering with CloudWave meant added security and expertise, but most importantly, a cloud solution that comes with real people.”

CloudWave founder Jim Fitzgerald said that the combination of Vital’s enterprise imaging solution with its expert federation and delivery will provide the cost-effective tool required by hospitals for storing, analysing and sharing medical images.