Healthcare provider Concord Medical Services has opened a new specialty cancer hospital, named Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, in Guangzhou, China.

The National Health Commission of China certified the new facility as a tertiary specialty hospital.

Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City development district of Guangzhou.

It is a support institution of the Society of Tumor Microenvironment, China Anti-Cancer Association and a Union for International Cancer Control member, Concord Medical said.

The specialty cancer hospital features advanced medical technologies, including the Probeam proton system, which uses a superconducting cyclotron for cancer treatment.

Apart from multi-disciplinary healthcare, the hospital aims to deliver patient-centred services for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

In a statement, Concord Medical said: “Concord Medical aims to build an internationalised cancer centre specialising in clinical diagnosis and treatment, cancer prevention, medical research, specialist training and remote medical consultation in Guangzhou to benefit all cancer patients.”

Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is run by Meizhong Jiahe Medical Science & Technology Development Group, a Concord Medical subsidiary.

The hospital is established in collaboration with domestic and international medical institutions.

It was built in 2010 and is currently open to offer full-process medical services, including cancer prevention and recovery.

Founded in 1997, Concord operates level II cancer hospitals and independent medical institutions.

These include Datong Meizhong Jiahe Cancer Center, Wuxi Meizhong Jiahe Cancer Center, Shanghai Meizhong Jiahe Cancer Center and Shanghai Meizhong Jiahe Medical Imaging Diagnosis Center.

The company also offers diagnosis services, along with treatment using proton therapy at Beijing Proton Medical Center, Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center and Shanghai Concord Cancer Center.

In addition, it has image diagnosis and radiotherapy cooperation centres.

The company also signed a ten-year cooperation deal and a proton training cooperation agreement with MD Anderson Cancer Center in the US to construct and run MD Anderson cancer hospitals in China.