Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust has signed a $3m contract with Alcidion Group for anaesthesia and emergency EPR modules.

Under the five-year deal, Alcidion will implement its new Miya Emergency module along with the Provation iPro anaesthetics management solution.

The two technologies will help in reducing pressure on emergency department staff, theatres and recovery.

The Darent Valley Hospital’s A&E department will be the first in the NHS to use Alcidion’s additional module Miya Emergency, modular EPR, Miya Precision, which is already being deployed across the trust.

Miya Emergency will support patient registration and triage and integrate requests and results from diagnostics.

Additionally, the system will be used to address reporting and monitoring requirements, along with providing data for the national Emergency Care Data Set.

Alcidion will partner with Provation for its anaesthesia information management system (AIMS) called Provation iPro, as part of the expanded contract.

The Provation iPro will integrate with the existing solutions of Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust to help in moving away from paper-based anaesthesia records.

It will automate and simplify the anaesthesia documentation and help the trust staff to capture and manage patient information efficiently.

The system, which is claimed to be the first mobile AIMS, is also expected to help the trust to improve patient safety and manage compliance. 

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust digital transformation director Neil Perry said: “From day one, our digital transformation has been focussed on delivering what our clinicians need.

“Clinicians working in areas like our A&E and theatres are under continual pressure. Deploying technologies that can alleviate clinical burden and make data more useful, is an important step on our journey.

“I look forward to seeing Miya Emergency and Provation iPro in action and our clinical teams respond to the demands they face.”