Dayton Children’s Hospital has announced an agreement with VisiQuate for advanced analytics solutions that integrate hospital and physician billing data.

VisiQuate solutions have been designed to minimise denied claims, expedite revenue and enable additional equitable contractual arrangements with payers.

Under the four-year agreement, Dayton Children’s Hospital started implementing the Denials Management Analytics and Revenue Management Analytics solutions of VisiQuate.

Both these solutions are expected to begin delivering value almost immediately.

Dayton Children’s Hospital Finance/Revenue Cycle/Managed Care executive director Greg Dillard said: “Like many hospitals, we recognised the need for deeper insights into our revenue cycle operations, and we originally considered having our internal analytics team build custom enhancements to the reporting module of our instance of Epic.

“But we realised because of data silos and reporting limitations, we would only be looking for the most obvious opportunities.

“What we needed was a partner with the experience to join all of the data together and help us identify complex anomalies, payer errors, and ultimately help us meet our corporate goal of increasing net revenue by one percent next year.”

Going forward, Dayton Children’s Hospital plans to look at VisiQuate’s Payer Action Center, which provides the data for equitable conversations between payers and providers around contractual obligations.

VisiQuate founder and CEO Brian Robertson said: “Dayton Children’s was in a classic ‘build vs. buy’ situation. They certainly had the capability to create their own custom solutions internally. But they saw that we had proven solutions to address their needs, and that they are fully customisable to Dayton Children’s unique business structure.”