US-based Dayton Children’s Hospital has partnered with digital patient experience technology provider Loyal for its chatbot solution, Guide.

Guide is designed to help patients have better access to queries and to minimise the calls to the hospital.

Aimed at creating a personalised experience for the consumer, Guide helps minimise any confusions and frustrations that may arise during the process.

Guide is a HIPAA-compliant, multifunctional live chatbot which uses AI along with a custom-built neural network.

It helps patients from finding the right provider, information about the different clinical bills to paying the bills.

Loyal president Brian Gresh said: “Creating a great experience is about providing the right information at the right time, and in the right place, and with Guide – Dayton Children’s will be able to do just that.”

Driven by machine learning and AI, Guide learns and improves with each interaction. Guide also delivers analytics to the hospitals to help them gain insight on how they were able to help.

Dayton Children’s consumer digital experience officer Omer Kaplan said: “Our primary focus is the health of children throughout our region and beyond. We are aware that seeking care and navigating the system can be a stressful experience for both children and their parents. By using Guide, we will be creating positive interactions for parents at the starting point of their digital journey, provide clarity and hopefully alleviate some of that stress.”

Dayton Children’s Hospital treats more than 350,000 patients each year and employs 3,500 people.