US-based Discovery Behavioral Health has inaugurated a new centre in Texas to provide services for mental health issues.

Located in downtown Austin, the centre will offer gender-inclusive and gender-specific treatment to adults and adolescents who are suffering from mental health disorders.

Some of the mental issues that will be treated include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder trauma, self-harm and adoption or attachment issues.

The clients will be enrolled in its outpatient programme, Discovery Mood & Anxiety.

Discovery Behavioral Health mental health division president Amy Brown said: “There’s a significant need in the greater Austin area as well as nationwide for programmes that focus on mental health.

“Many programmes combine individuals dealing with substance abuse with those dealing with purely mental health issues – we keep those populations completely separated because they require different treatment protocols.”

National Institutes of Health’s latest statistics revealed that one in every five Americans experiences a mental sickness and one in 25 with a serious issue each year.

Additionally, the centre will offer different programmes that focus on academic, experiential and family.

Discovery Clinical Outreach director Alexia Mowry said: “This is a comprehensive, well-rounded programme that prepares adolescents for success in the classroom.

“The academic curriculum can be supplemented with complementary activities, including art, music and meditation. Families are carefully integrated throughout the recovery process, and provided support and clinical guidance.”