The Dorset Mental Health Forum is supporting Dorset HealthCare’s plans to construct a new psychiatric intensive care unit for children and young people in Dorset, the UK.

The scheme involves construction of an eight-bed facility at Alumhurst Road, Bournemouth.

Detailed plans for the new development have been submitted to BCP Council for planning approval.

The new unit will provide treatment for seriously ill young people locally instead of being sent for specialist treatment elsewhere.

Dorset Mental Health Forum chief executive Becky Aldridge said: “When a young person is so unwell that they need intensive psychiatric care, the environment should feel like a safe haven, where the person will be able to access the treatment that they need and therapeutic benefit from their stay – which includes being close to their home and their whole family network.

“The future health and wellbeing of young people in Dorset needs to be everyone’s priority, ensuring that people are able to get the appropriate help and support at the time that they need it, with hospital admission as the last resort.”

The new psychiatric intensive care unit is said to be part of the Government’s New Hospitals Programme.

The programme has allocated $87.4m (£73.9m) funding to Dorset HealthCare for the construction of two new mental health buildings.

In September this year, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust announced a new chemotherapy outreach service at Bridport Hospital.

Run by Dorset County Hospital (DCH), the new service will allow patients in and around area to receive chemotherapy as well as other cancer treatments near to home.