California-based digital health company egnite has announced the integration of a custom module to its flagship CardioCare solution for healthcare organisations.

The purpose of egnite’s custom module is to assist doctors and healthcare organisations in identifying atrial fibrillation (AF) patients who are at an increased risk of bleeding and stroke, and eligible for left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) therapy.

In individuals with non-valvular AF, a common illness among the ageing population in the US, this therapy serves as a proven substitute for blood thinners to lower the risk of stroke.

This module is being developed in partnership with a global leader in medical device technologies.

To identify probable LAAC patients with high precision and to provide insights to support focused care, the system scans more than 1,700 hospital codes using egnite’s data processing.

egnite structural heart interventional cardiologist Dr Rahul Sharma said: “This expansion helps us ensure appropriate patients have access to potentially lifesaving technologies, ensuring health equity in our communities.

“Our programme is now more efficient with this technology, identifying patients with AF that may be better suited to LAAC instead of blood thinners, resulting in expedited referral and treatment.”

CardioCare digital health solution optimises revenue management for hospital systems, reduces care variability and streamlines patient management.

This technology is being used by more than 50 healthcare organisations in the US to identify and take care of the most susceptible cardiovascular patients.

egnite president and chief executive officer Joel Portice said: “This expansion delivers a more streamlined and precise process for identifying and managing patients.

“I look forward to seeing how this technology can help improve care for some of the most at-risk cardiovascular patients.”