US-based medical device company Evolv has donated its virtual rehabilitation technology kits to three hospitals to treat patients at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new product, named Evolv RehabKit, was donated to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) in London, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and Fondazione Don Gnocchi in Milan.

The company is working with Microsoft and hardware manufacturer ZOTAC to support these hospitals by providing telerehabilitation services for their patients.

The RehabKits enable patients to perform videogame-like activities known as exergames prescribed by therapists.

It also allows the therapists to monitor patient adherence and performance remotely through the system.

The RehabKit includes Microsoft Azure Kinect DK that uses computer vision and Artificial Intelligence to track the movements of patients, and a mini-gaming PC from ZOTAC.

According to Evolv, patients who are receiving rehabilitation at hospitals, clinics or centres in the community have been mainly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak due to reduced or cancelled services.

Evolv CEO David Fried said: “The pandemic has had a devastating effect across the world on patients receiving specialised rehabilitation as well as on their families and care givers.

“We wanted to help the medical professionals who are working tirelessly to continue treating their patients remotely under incredibly difficult circumstances.

“We are delighted that therapists can use our solution to provide telerehabilitation during this global crisis to support some vulnerable people in society directly in their own homes or out in the community.”

Furthermore, the company has also planned to launch the Evolv RehabKits to a network of facilities for older adults in New York.