St. Joseph’s Hospitals in Tampa, Florida, has acquired Mazor X robotic guidance system to execute a robotic spine surgery for paediatric and adult patients.

The new robotic system helps to boost surgical predictability, effectiveness and accuracy, whilst decreasing complications and the need for revision surgery in the future.

Earlier this month, the hospital executed the first procedure – L4-5 bilateral decompressive laminectomies and transforaminal instrumented lumbar interbody fusion – using this new device.

Mazor X is claimed to be ideal for  treatment of herniated discs, vertebral fractures, traumatic spine injury, degenerative disc disease, spinal weakness or instability, among other ailments.

St. Joseph’s Hospital neurosurgeon Dr. Gabriel Gonzales-Portillo said: “Living with back pain from injury or a medical condition can be debilitating, and recovery from spine surgery was once a long process.”

“We are thrilled to now offer robotic spine surgery with the Mazor X, which is a game changer for these patients. By utilising this technology, we can offer them a solution that not only reduces the recovery time post-surgery, but also greatly improves their quality of life for years to come.”

Mazor X covers three integrated processes – planning, guidance and verification.

The 3D planning software of the robotic guidance system generates a complete surgical plan customised for each patient’s spine and condition.

Mazor X, which remains under the full control of the surgeon during the procedure, guides the tools and implants at the proper position in sync with the predetermined blueprint. The system’s camera provides intra-operative verification of the positioning.

Use of the Mazor X for spine surgery is claimed to help in reducing exposure to radiation from imaging unlike traditional back surgery methods.