GE Healthcare has announced an expanded partnership with Intel in a bid to improve patient care and reduce costs for hospitals and health systems.

Together, the companies anticipate that their digital imaging solutions, deployed through edge and cloud solutions will offer better hospital efficiency through reduced patient risk and dosage exposure.

As part of the partnership, GE will use the new Intel Xeon Scalable platform to reduce the total cost of ownership for imaging devices by up to 25%.

The platform, when combined with GE’s imaging solutions may improve the reading productivity of radiologists.

GE Healthcare Enterprise Imaging Digital Solutions senior vice-president David Hale said: “Some of our longest-standing modalities are now being infused with the latest in digital technologies – which requires security, precision, speed and efficiency.

“To ensure we are delivering the best possible outcomes at the lowest cost in this digital age, GE Healthcare is partnering with Intel to co-develop on and off premise solutions through our new lab and accelerate these with the Intel Xeon Scalable platform.”

GE and Intel are also investing in the new Joint Performance Acceleration Lab (JPAL) in downtown Chicago, US.

The lab will be used for the development, testing and validation of new innovations across a range of GE imaging hardware and software solutions.

As part of the expanded partnership, the two companies will use the workload-optimised Wind River Titanium Control software virtualisation platform to enable hospitals and health systems to deploy secure solutions that reduce operating costs in healthcare environments.